Lecture : "Challenges and Choices for Patient, Carer and Professional at the End of Life"

 Source : Living with Uncertainty

Nouvelle lecture : "Challenges and Choices  for Patient, Carer and Professional  at the End of Life" de Catherine Proot et Michael Yorke

Cet ouvrage nous donne un aperçu de la complexité et des défis des soins en fin de vie, ainsi que les avantages et limites perçus de l'intervention médicale.

Résumé :

"Drawn from research and clinical and pastoral experience, the book examines the feelings associated with the end of life, highlighting the demands that people are faced with and their consequences. It moves into the difficult area of people who feel defeated by their illness and can or want to live no longer, along with family, caregivers and professionals who surround them. These perspectives have been built upon a hundred narratives of lived experience, combined with the wider clinical and practical range of voices. A topical post-script Lessons from Covid-19 captures the choices and challenges on personal, professional and systemic level which the pandemic acutely revealed with a multiplicity of examples.

         This will be essential reading for students and professionals in palliative and end-of-life care. Families and friends will also benefit from this book as they try to come to terms with the delicate but universal issues of death and dying."